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Marshall Mutual Insurance Company (MMI) Return / Refund Policy

MMI will re-bill any minimum balance still due upon applying a partial payment.

MMI will refund, via check, any overpayment to the annual premium.

MMI will issue refunds directly to the named insured(s) on the policy the payment was applied.

Should you find any errors related to your billing, or if you have questions regarding your bill, please contact your agent at the number listed on your policy.

If you have submitted a payment to us in error, MMI will refund you directly.

What should you do when a loss occurs?

If you have a loss, no matter how small, it can be a traumatic experience. Your agent and the staff here at Marshall Mutual Insurance Co. want to reduce your stress. We hope the following information will help with that.

No matter what type of loss, you must take reasonable steps to protect your property and avoid further damage.

Step 1 – Contact your agent
Promptly call your agent and provide them with the date, time, and cause of loss. Be sure to give them your current address, and more importantly a phone number where you can be reached. Current information will allow us to reach you and better serve your needs.
Step 2 – Protect property from further damage
In case of roof damage, tarp the roof to avoid water damage inside.
Insulate or board up after fire, wind, or break-in loss to secure property.
When appropriate, shut off water.
If possible during the winter, maintain heat in the building to avoid additional frozen pipes or plumbing damages.
Step 3 – Repairs
Give the Company the opportunity to see the damages before repairs are made.
In case of lightning damage, do not dispose of the damaged item so that it may be inspected by the adjuster.
Step 4 – Get estimates
Step 5 – Damage to personal property
Complete an inventory of your personal property – list all damage room by room